07 February 2008

God Surrounding Us

People always searching, praying to God but many of them don't know where exactly our God. Do you believe if i say God is everywhere, surrounding us (this whole universe) even inside you ...

This is why i am searching, studying, knowing, feeling all God essent trough human technology and simple mind. I write this as God worshiper, look arround you God is always fullfill every thing, do you ever wonder that this universe are spinning by the rules and that ancient rules already perfect from the begining, there are no version of rule like windows and other program that are not perfect from the begining and never will... That rules is so simple like there is action and reaction, happy and sad, etc at this simple post i just remind you that God always be with you, and what ever you do, God will never punish or give you a reward because God never take any emotion from whom or what has been created by God himself as the creator, because God has made perfect universal rules for everything from the begining that never will be broken ...


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