20 May 2008

The Fact Of Nibiru Threat by NASA


Hi. I am very sorry to bother you again with this. I have been reading the questions and answeres about Nibiru. I am glad you say it does not exist. However Eris does exist and I see they were going to call it Xena...planet X. On this Website when you type in Nibiru Eris comes up and it clearly states it is the 10nth planet.Will Eris do a fly by since it is considered a planet and the 10nth one? Is Eris coming toward us? Could this even be possible that we would be thrown off our axis? Are pluto and others really slightly of their normal gravitational paths because of this planet that is supposedly coming toward us? Why do they say time is speeding up because of the magnetic pulse this planet is creating? Is this true that there are only really 16 hours a day now because time is moving faster? Is that possible? Why do the days seem so much shorter? I am scared about this whole 2012 thing. Eris seems to be in the position that everyone says Nibiru is and the same size. Maybe we are asking the wrong question. Maybe we should be asking about Eris and not Nibiru. Thank you for your time as I am scared to death! Also sorry to keep pushing the subject but I need to be sure!

There is no factual basis for the many Nibiru stories. All of this internet chatter originated from the claim by Nancy Lieder that she was warned about this planet by aliens from the star Zeta Reticuli. In the absence of real information, however, people speculate and embellish this fictional story. One such addition is to link Nibiru with "Planet X", a term used for many years by astronomers to refer to any unknown planet that might exist beyond Pluto. Far from being a real object, this term indicates an unknown or undiscovered object (that is why it is called "X"). Another false link is with Eris, the largest of the dwarf planets recently found beyond Neptune, designated 2003 UB313 when it was discovered in 2003. Before Eris was given its formal name, the discover, Mike Brown of Caltech, informally referred to it as Xena, a word play on "Planet X". The name Eris was officially adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 2006. However, this has nothing to do with Nibiru. Nibiru is supposed to be a large planet on a highly elliptical orbit with a period or 3600 years, which comes onto the inner solar system and will disrupt Earth in 2003 (the original claim) or 2012 (the current claim). Eris is a dwarf planet (smaller than the Moon) with a period of 557 years, currently far beyond Neptune or Pluto at a distance of about 10 billion miles. Its orbit will never bring it in to the inner solar system; the closest it will come, in 2255, is about 4 billion miles. Eris does not match the fictional object Nibiru in distance, orbit, size, or any other property, and it does not threaten Earth in any way. The other items you mention from the Internet are untrue. Neither Pluto nor any other trans-neptunian object is deviating from its normal path. Time is not speeding up, and the days are not shorter. You know as well as I do that there are still the usual 24 hours in the day, not 16! Please don't be scared; the entire Nibiru story, as well as any concerns about Eris threatening Earth, are a hoax, nothing more. David Morrison
NAI Senior Scientist
February 28, 2008


admin said...

Confirm to NEO (Near Earth Object Program) There is no object or data call Nibiru, as planet x is code name for any unknown planet beyond pluto on the search project that doesnt exist till now... http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/

Anonymous said...

You should read "Genesis Revealed" by Zacharia Sitchin. There is plenty of evidence in this book.

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