16 May 2008

My Wifi Hotspot

Well, after 2 months my hotspot has changed, my main akses point moved to upside of my front door because i can't make my akses point support more higher. I decide to make a repeater at my neighborhood that has 3 floor. So the last configuration is :

1. Main akses point using Linksys broadband router WRT54G (placed upside of my front door) and using 2 internal antenna.
2. Repeater using Dlink 2100AP placed at my neighborhood, using omni slotted antenna 19dB 360 degree and horisontal polarization..
3 My first client using TP-Link and Finetic 20db Yagi Antenna. The distance is 1km from the repater. Actualy in this range we can use only the small antenna that comes with the radio.

But because the client is not high enough and too many obstacle(not LOS), i use the yagi antenna that receive reflection signal (the antenna direction is not point to the repeater). I have tried the original radio antenna but the signal is not stable.

in my experience i do recomend this yagi antena, it has 20 db and very lightweight also i have tried using this antenna as an universal repeater. For the radio i recomend using minitar MWGAR that has many feature and strong signal, compare than linksys WRT54G. Too bad there is no SNMP ready like my Dlink DWL2100AP, so i can monitor the bandwidth using PRTG.

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