27 May 2008

Sniffer Pro

Unlike ordinary Network Sniffer software that i have tried which is only work at the same segment only. This old sniffer a bit hard to find on the net, which i ever used the version 4.5 that not work with windows xp. After two years i found the newer version (V4.7.5)on the bush of internet. This version able to work with windows xp, the main feature that most i like are the matrix which can monitor every node to node communications trough a graphic and of course it can sniff trough all different IP segment without need to change your PC IP address. Just give it a try and leave a comment ...

Basic Capabilities of the Sniffer Portable

+ Capture network traffic for detailed analysis
+ Diagnose problems using the Expert Analyzer
+ Monitor network activity in real time
+ Collect detailed utilization and error statistics for individual stations, conversations, or any portion of your network
+ Save historical utilization and error information for baseline analysis
+ Generate visible and audible real-time alarms and notify network administrators when troubles are detected
+ Probe the network with active tools to simulate traffic, measure response times, count hops, and troubleshoot problems

Real Time Monitoring

The Sniffer Portable’s monitor stores statistical measurements and calculations about your network traffic, providing an accurate picture of network activity in real time. It can generate alarms to notify you when errors are detected. It can save historical records of network activity that you can use later for traffic and fault analysis.
The monitor provides the following kinds of information:

·Network load statistics, including the number of frames/bytes of network traffic per time interval, the percentage of utilization, and broadcast and multicast counts
·Network error statistics:
·For Ethernet: CRC errors, runts, oversize packets, fragments, jabbers, alignment errors, collision counts.
·For Gigabit Ethernet, CRC errors, CV errors, jabbers, and runts.
·For token ring, Ring purge packets, beacon packets, NAUN changes, token errors, soft errors.
·For FDDI, beacon packets, void frames.
·For WAN/Synchronous, abort errors, oversize errors, fragment errors.
·For ATM, CRC errors, length errors, timeout errors.
·For wireless LANs (802.11), PLCP errors, WEP-ICV errors, and so on.
·Protocol use statistics
·Application response time statistics for upper layer protocols.
·Individual station and conversation-pair traffic statistics
·Packet size distribution statistics

Monitor information collected by the Sniffer Portable helps you to:

·Find traffic overloads
·Troubleshoot bottlenecks
·Locate faulty equipment
·Establish performance baselines
·Plan for network expansion
·Structure your network for maximum efficiency

The data collected by the monitor can be an important factor in deciding how to allocate your company’s resources for network maintenance and upgrades.
NOTE: Use the enhanced drivers that are provided with the Sniffer Portable. These drivers report network error statistics that the standard drivers usually ignore. The monitor’s error statistic reports depend on your having installed an enhanced driver. Network Associates does not support drivers from other vendors.

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NAI Sniffer Pro v4.7.5

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