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"Ninja" Flashdisk Protection

Seringnya akhir-akhir ini saya mendapati flashdisk kolega yang terifeksi virus maka saya coba angkat satu tools yang cukup menarik yang dapat mencegah komputer kita kena serangan virus dari flashdisk, selain itu tool ini juga akan memvaksin flashdisk sehingga tidak tertular lagi dan bahkan memproteksi diri dari serangan komputer yg terinveksi.

Ini gara-gara laptop saya dipinjem adik, kebetulan antivirus sedang di disable jadi "Kena deh!" semalaman ngerjain laptop yang terinveksi virus w32/Xorer sampai bego. Sudah install ulang karena data masih ada virusnya jadi hasilnya sama aja, windows yg baru di install tetap kena lagi. Jadi deh browsing removal trus ketemu ini tool lumayan buat dipake....

To keep things simple, ninja is fully portable, self-contained and requires no installation.

Besides removing known virulent files, this tool will also immunize your pendisk and create a folder called autorun.inf with special protection permissions to protect your pendisk from being infected again when plugged on contaminated computers.

Download link :
Ninja Pendisk Size 381 KB

Related tool "USB Firewall" Download link :
USB Firewall Size 3.5MB

This has good features too :
Autorun virus remover Size 999 KB
Full version, update capability.


My Usefull Software List

And also here will list my usefull PC Software that might usefull too to anyone which is a bit rare or a bit hard to find by some other. All this software are tested by me (Yeah coz i'm using it)Hope this will help ya...

My software list with short description, will seperate in category shortly as i am still uploading and do things.

1.HWK Repair : Will repair your HKW modul in UFS Tornado flasher, its by pass all error.
link :

2.HWK Magic : Will emulate HWK modul in UFS Tornado flasher, it doesnt change anything at your software or hardware.
Link :

3.Joomla from novice to professional : Joomla CMS manual book 494 pages in pdf format.
Link :

To be or not tobe continued ....


MyJava Application Collections

I start to post my java application collections at this page ya all can have direct link to it, the applications here are interested me and might usefull for you and most of them are compatible with all type of java mobilephone, I prefer to use Sony Erricson as this mobilephone has the fastest processor then other ( i already compared )so thats why many java game for SonEr are 3D capable. So i pretend my SonEr is using 3D Graphic Card like ATI Radeon or something hahaha, I'm not post my game collections as you can get from my other link :P ... Have a nice day..... :)

Direct download at

1.mDrawer+PDF manual : Flexible database for mobile, you will love it
Link :

2.Worldfactbook 2007 : (Encyclopedic for mobile)
Link :

To be or not tobe cotinued .....